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Vet tips for happy and healthy pets
Sneezing, nasal discharge, cough, fever, or the sniffles. While cats can’t catch colds, they can come down with upper respiratory infections.
Banfield Pet Hospital provides helpful tips on how to brush your dog’s teeth at home.
Feeding an orphaned pet is a big challenge because it requires special equipment and a very specific milk replacer.
If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, it’s important to remain calm and assist the victim.
Because pets cannot verbally communicate their feelings, it is vital to pay close attention to changes in their behavior
Three of the most common reasons are fleas, dry skin or a coat in need of grooming.
Since ideal weights differ between breeds, it’s important for your veterinarian to examine your pet.
Be aware of the circumstances or conditions that can potentially cause arthritis.
Yes, there are two known strains, and dogs are rarely immune without a vaccination.
Excitement urination is more likely to occur in younger dogs, many of which outgrow this behavior.
This is an emergency situation, as it can be a sign of several dangerous conditions, so seek veterinary attention immediately.
Although some varieties can cause relatively minor reactions, many plants can be lethal if your cat ingests a certain amount.
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There are plenty of questionable answers on the Internet.
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