Frequently Asked Questions about MyBanfield

Q. I forgot my MyBanfield password.

To recover your password, visit the MyBanfield page and click on “forgot your password.” After entering your username or email address, we will send you an email to reset your account password.

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Q. I forgot my MyBanfield username.

To recover your username, visit the MyBanfield page and click on “forgot your username.” After entering your email address, we will email you a message to help you log into your account.

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Q. Where can I find my Client ID?

Current customers can find their Banfield Client ID in the top right corner of any Banfield invoice, or by calling 877-656-7146. New clients must come in for their first appointment before receiving a Client ID.

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Q. Can I order prescriptions online?

Banfield clients can order pet prescriptions through our Online Pharmacy in MyBanfield. Valid prescription from a Banfield veterinarian required. 

Vet Chat™ on the Banfield app does not offer new prescription orders or current prescription refills.

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Q. How do I access my pet’s records?

Signing up for a MyBanfield account grants you access to your pet’s online records. It will also give you access to Banfield’s online pharmacy, your Optimum Wellness Plan® billing information and features such as personalized reminders and notifications.

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