Pets provide companionship and unconditional love. They are members of our families and sources of joy. They give so much to us, but sometimes providing them with the veterinary care they need can be difficult. 
Kelly adopted an Australian Shepard/Pitbull mix named Khloe on her daughter’s birthday. Khloe’s sensitive nature, loyalty and love of a good cuddle session immediately endeared her to the whole family. In a home filled with people and pets—and all the expenses that go along with that—budgeting for routine veterinary care was a challenge. Luckily, Kelly has been able to rely on Pet Community Center in Nashville for free preventive care for Khloe.
A $10,000 Veterinary Assistance Grant from the Banfield Foundation enables Pet Community Center to offer free services so pets like Khloe can focus on being playmates, sidekicks, protectors and friends.