When Nannette arrived at Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL) in Phoenix, she was weak and dying. After weeks of not eating, her previous owner had a feeding tube inserted in Nanette, but the issue persisted and worsened. When Nannette was examined at their AAWL veterinary clinic, they learned that she had swallowed a foreign object that was creating a life-threatening blockage. They performed surgery to remove both the feeding tube and the object, but Nannette still refused to eat.

Nannette’s care team didn’t give up. Every day, they patiently tried to coax her to eat. Time was running out and the staff was starting to lose hope. Then one day, a veterinarian at AAWL gathered up every possible cat food option in the clinic and lined them up in Nanette’s kennel. After a few minutes, she began to nibble on food for the first time in weeks. Tears of happiness were flowing as the vet team realized she was going to be okay. Nannette’s new owners report that Nannette is now happy, healthy and a beloved addition to their family. 

A $15,000 Veterinary Medical Equipment Grant from the Banfield Foundation has enabled AAWL’s MD PetCare medical clinic to purchase the equipment they need to provide the critical care that pets like Nanette deserve.