When Sunny and her boyfriend adopted two dogs, Delilah and Abby, she thought their happy lives were complete. Then, things started to change. Sunny’s boyfriend became controlling and abusive toward her. It wasn’t long before that abuse extended to Delilah and Abby. Late one night, Sunny found a way to escape, but she had to leave her two dogs behind. She was living in her car in the cold winter months, but she vowed to rescue Delilah and Abby.
When Sunny was accepted to Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City, MO, they helped her form a plan to get her dogs back. With the help of local police, she was able to get Deliah and Abby removed from the home of her abusive boyfriend and Sunny was reunited with them at last. Sunny has a long road of healing ahead of her but having her dogs by her side provides her with the emotional support and confidence she needs to thrive. 
A $10,000 Safer Together Grant from the Banfield Foundation enables Rose Brooks Center to provide shelter and veterinary care to pets of victims of domestic violence which helps keeps these pets with their families and safe from their abusers.